To view our full Parent Policy document please contact us for login details however, here is a very brief summary of some of our most commonly asked questions:

Open Hours: From 7:30 am to 6 pm, Monday–Friday

Holidays: We are closed 1 week at Christmas & 2 weeks in summer

NCS: We offer NCS please see www.ncs.gov.ie for further details and send us your child’s individual CHICK code in order for us to register

Medications: As long as you have a valid prescription, we can administermedication–however see our health policy.

Absences: We are unable to offer discounts or refunds for absences due tosickness or holidays etc.

Settling in: For your child’s best interest we require youto set aside time tohelp your child settle in. Please allow at least 2 weeks before returning towork when your child starts–please note some children may require moretime. Please see our settling in policy and procedure.

Waiting list: Siblings have priority on the waiting list.

Authorisation: We require a photograph ID and notice if anyone besides you will be collecting your child.

Late Collection: Please do not arrive late for your collection time; with regret we charge a €10 fine for every 10 minutes parents are late, or part thereof.

Non-collection: We will do everything we can and contact everyone weknow to help locate you or someone specified in cases of emergency,however, we are obliged to notify the Gardaí if a child has notbeen collected one hour and no contact can be made to all parents/guardians.

Nappies: We ask that you provide these personal items for your child, along with wipes, creams etc.

Parking: We have onsite parking at the centre

Child Paths: This is our teachers’ most direct method of communication with parents, all messages, events in your child’s day, observations etc. are sent and received via Child Paths.  For further information please ask your child’s key teacher.

Reports & Parents Evening: We offer monthly calls if you wish to discuss your child’s progress with their key teacher.  We also offer more formal parent/teacher meetings twice per year in person or via video chat.

Equal Opportunities: We are committed to an equal opportunities policy forall staff, children and parents.

Concerns/complaints:If you have a concern/complaint, please notifyyour child’s unitmanager via Child Paths, or if you wish,contact Ciara thecentremanager via ciarafalvey@highcarechildcare.com

Positive Behaviour Policy: We encourage and model good behaviour and have set rules and expectations for the children to follow.

What HighCare has to offer

We nurture acts of kindness and consideration and foster a thirst for learning – encouraging your child to reach their full potential as they grow.