Healthy Attendance Policy

Healthy Attendance Policy

Given that every child will experience regular childhood illnesses it is important to have as many good supports in place as you can. HighCare is a caring learning environment for your child, they will be busy every day and need to be in good health to attend.

We recommend reviewing the below healthy attendance policy with your employer or HR department and where possible to agree in advance what both sides can expect when your child is ill.

  • We try our best to keep HighCare a healthy environment, sick children cannot attend until they are no longer contagious, 48 hours following a fever and after starting an antibiotic and if they are not well enough to engage in their daily activities. 
  • Please note this is a guide only and unless you have a written note from your GP the final decision on whether your child is healthy enough to attend lies with our management team. If we feel they are ill and contact you it is important you collect your child without delay.
  • If children develop a fever at the centre (above 38°c), parents will be called. Parents are then required to collect their child. A child must have returned to a normal temperature of 37°c for 48 hours before returning.
  • We have exclusion for other conditions (e.g. conjunctivitis, diarrhoea, chicken pox…)Duration of exclusion will vary depending on the condition, please ask for more details.(see also our Allergy policy)
  • We cannot accept a child who has been given Calpol/Nurofen in the morning before they arrive at HighCare. If you feel your child is too ill to leave the house without medication it follows they are not fit for a challenging day mixing with other children.
  • If a child has 3 runny nappies, they need to go home as this can be a sign of a bug or infection.
  • If a child has an unexplained rash, they need to be cleared by a doctor before they can return to the centre.
  • If you feel your child is unwell for any reason and may be infectious, please keep them at home to avoid the spread of infection amongst children and staff.
  • If your child is displaying any symptoms of Covid 19, please contact your GP. 
  • Fees remain payable despite absence because of any illness.

We ask that if you are not contactable on any day your child attends the centre, please provide a member of staff with an alternative contact to ring if necessary. 

We understand that this can be difficult and really appreciate your co-operation especially as children who are too young to verbalise how they are feeling really do need extra special attention. We strive to provide a safe and comfortable environment for all of our families and staff. 

 Please note if your child is ill in any way they cannot attend. This includes colds and coughs even when there is no spike in temperature. Please note if your child does attend and seems ill we will need to call you to collect without delay.
When children attend only half recovered they do infect others and just as importantly are vulnerable to becoming ill again themselves. Therefore in the long run keeping your child at home to recover fully from illness will not only be better for your child”s health but also support full attendance in the long run. Our aim is to contain infections as soon as possible enabling the majority of children to stay healthy and attend fully.

If you have any questions at all please contact us directly on Child Paths or

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